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Affiliate Freedom – Finally, full control over your wordpress site.

So for those who haven’t heard, Unique Blog Designs have released the “Affiliate Theme” for WordPress.
Now, there’s two reasons to get excited. Not only will it give you a lot more control over your layout, blogs etc on your site, but it also has an easy interface for inputting any referral or affiliate code for promoting your products. Whether they are Amazon associates, or just any old e-book or referral, you will not have to get knee deep in code to understand how to easily input your referral content.

The layout of the theme designer within “Affiliate Theme” gives you several layout options, a complete colour tool to choose from thousands of backdrops, but you will also have more control of all the little bits and bobs that annoy you.

Below are some examples

Example 1 Simple but effective.
Example 2 Sleek Dating Affiliate
Example 3 Online Opportunities Example

WordPress is a very powerful CMS, and using a theme like this can really get you the professional results, to a degree where people don’t even think its a wordpress page, it looks like a website, end of.

Affiliate Theme

LinkBucks Experiment – Earn Ad Revenue When People Leave?

So, a couple of days ago, we began experimenting with LinkBucks advertising on our “Web Essentials” page on and I wanted to give a little feedback.

Basically LinkBucks is completely FREE and allows you to make ad revenue from other peoples websites, blogs, or content. Setting up my account was straight forward, and it was pretty easy to generate the links. You simply get the link in full, that you want to put on your page, and submit it to your LinkBucks account. You then select whether the link is “clean” or not (adult content), decide what sort of advert you want, and choose a link extension.

I decided to opt for the “top banner” option, as this allows you to remain more professional looking, and an “intermission” or “pop up”. I also chose over the extension option, as again, it looks a bit more professional.

Once generated, you simply use the url they generate instead of your existing one, and when people click the link, they will be redirected to the website intended, with the addition of one advert at the very top.

Id love to hear from people who have been using this service themselves, or anyone else who is interested in starting.

To sign up, click the Linkbucks image below. Yes they run a referral service, on a three tier basis, Always interesting to experiment, and see what the potential is, as this is an exciting method of monetizing your website.

LinkBucks - Click Here to Try Now... (FREE)

LinkBucks - Click Here to Try Now... (FREE)

Creative Opportunities – Make Money & be Creative!

Hello, Laghetto here from

I wanted to let everyone on here know about some creative opportunities I thought may be of interest to anyone involved in cottage industries, arts and crafts, fashion, or music.


There are a couple of decent websites offering fashion solutions. In short, create your own designs either using their templates, or your own files made in some sort of graphics package like Adobe Photoshop, or Illustrator. The advantage is you can design your shop on their website, much like a social networking site, they take payment, they produce the product, and you get paid commission on each sale. The other advantage is you can be creative and make lots of designs, without needing start up capital to stock items. A very useful system to get started and test the market. Nice system, works well, unfortunately only supports dollars. and Another nice system, and supports £ also.

Arts and Crafts

If you are a cottage industry, or enjoy being creative, whether its making your own jewellery, or your own art, there is a wide range of opportunities over at:

It has been dubbed as the Ebay for home made arts and crafts, and I have found lots of interesting products on there.

Infectious is a website where you can purchase, or create your own vinyls. Use your illustrator or photoshop designs and print them on vinyls. The interesting part is, they have lots of templates to send you, such as templates for the i-phone, i-pod, cars, walls, laptops and more.


Although slicethepie is well and truly covered, there is another new and decent website which allows creative musicians to collaborate using their online session software, hire peoples services, network, and enter competitions. You can win money from competitions or earn money if  someone hires your services through the online session software and uses the PayPal button, not that they are in my good books at present.

I found this website some time ago, yet it is still a beta, I’m not sure why, as they have hosted some competitions for some pretty established artists.

I know for a fact this is profitable, as I found this website and duly passed it to the best musician I know. A producer from Birmingham who resides by the alias “Lenafrosaxon”. He entered the latest competition, which was by an artist called K-os, he uploaded the whole of his forthcoming album, split into vocal tracks etc, and gave everyone two months to remix them. The winner of each 11 tracks won $1k, and to have their remix on the album’s companion disc this coming April entitled “YES”.

I knew my friend was good, but I didn’t expect him to win 2!! So hes got $2000 and two records being released by Universal Studios on their companion disc. Excellent, my works worthwhile after all. If you think this isnt real, you can check him on the website, and if you look at the songs “Aviator” and “Mr Telephone Man” you will see the winner, Lenafrosaxon. If you do your research you will see im on his friends list, and he gave me “Davey Davisson” a shout-out on his Indaba profile.


The company Lego have always had employees in their creative department. They have to look at what new products to release, and of course they need the creatives to constantly inspire. Thanks to Web 2.0 etc, they now allow YOU to create your own lego designs using their software! imagine that, as a child I always wanted more lego, the kids of today can get the software with every Lego piece they do, and for free. However children and adults from ages 13 and up, can now after designing their Lego creations, upload them to their system, and market and sell them, and of course, you will get paid commission. Something interested I just had to include for the retro guys out there.

Thank you, all feedback, suggestions etc are welcomed 🙂

If anything on this list becomes popular amongst this community, perhaps a blog to show off your creations? We shall see. Until then, ta ra 🙂

Rupert De Laghetto

The One3rdNerd Team

WordPress Infectious Contest
February 10, 2009, 12:15 am
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So, the contest has been launched, and sounds very exciting. Im always interesting in ways of helping designers and artists to show their work off in new formats, and with new media’s.

One3rdNerd plans to enter this contest shortly, for now, we are busy doing what we do best, and thats creating One3rdNerd Content! 🙂

Rupert De Lagetto

Windows 7? ponders

So, windows 7 is on the verge, and the beta is currently being tested worldwide, if it wasn’t for my killing my Vaio, leaving me with one laptop, I would have been testing it myself. However the reason I’m excited about it, is simply the way they have incorporated touch screen technology, and the fact they have re-done explorer.exe from scratch.

This video isnt new, but does highlight some of the features that will be exciting to both the average users, and the creative users.

Explorer.exe has supposedly been rebuilt, and thus much faster, I hope this is true, because it has been dragging for some time now. A boring fact, but on to the interesting one..

If you can use your desktop or laptop with touchscreen, then there’s a whole lot of new possibilities, from artists, to musicians, and graphic designers to web designers, many will reap the benefits.

A musician on the go will be able to use their screen like a midi controller, whether they’re playing some keys, or turning nobs. A whole lot more of this can now be “hands on”, with the ability to alter switches, mod wheels and notes in reason, ableton etc, and have the changes recorded in real time, this is truly amazing news. Even in studios the engineers will have the ability to use a large touch screen as their mixer, having the ability to download new operating system software for their touch screen running on windows, Mac will embrace this also at some point, I’m sure they have seen the creative possibilities, and with this being their high end target market, they will no doubt cater for this.

Graphic designers will be able to sketch on their laptops whereever they are, without needing an accessory like a wacom pad or graphics tablet.

Soon, web designers will be building their designs using their fingers to move boxes of colour, text, and modules to different areas of their site, resizing them as they go.

I think these improvements will help users connect better with their tools, in this case the tool is a computer, and although the keyboard and mouse are hear to stay, this “third” hand if you like, will add a lot more functionality, and if the Internet, web designers, and web developers embrace these new tools then maybe web 3.0 is around the corner?

Peace Out

Oliver Pennyweather

One3rdNerd Team

To visit the One3rdNerd Official website, please click the link below: So, what’s it all about?
February 4, 2009, 5:47 am
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Okay, its late at night, or early in the morning, depending on your geographic location, or insomniac lifestyle, and I want to write an introduction to the above mentioned website. is a web-portal with an ethos. The ethos is simple, we all have a bit of nerd in us, don’t we? but the question we ask is “How do you express your nerdyness?”. We promote using your nerdy moments for something positive and productive.

Whether your a creative nerd, or an entrepreneurial nerd, there are many different things you could do or be doing that was more productive, and helped you progress. Unfortunately the world wide web is a very overwhelming media source, and is vast in information, good and bad. Critics say up to 80% of the Internet is incorrect, unlawful, or irrelevant.

The One3rdNerd team have gone about collecting as many viable resources as possible under a few topics;

Make Money… Save Money… Learning…

There are many sub groups for each above mentioned area of the website, and all the information, links, etc have been tested and are free.

Many people buy into scams online, with the “get rich quick” attitude, but generally find themselves scorned when they don’t earn that $5000 in 24 hours, as stated on some advertisement that looked professional, however they asked you for $50 sign up fee for the information or scheme? hello people? pyramid scheme? five year echos, has everyone forgotten?

The way we run our website, we will never ask for money to view our web-portal of links, advice etc.

We may advertise recommended products on our website from time to time, particularly in the form of e-books, or online services, these will specifically state “advertisement”.

We rely on some referral links, however we are not biased on who we refer based on the companies having or not having a referral scheme in place. We also make some revenue from google adsense, like everybody else, its one step to making the website financially self sufficient, which I’m sure you can all understand.

We love feedback, and contributions to ideas and content for the website, so don’t be shy!

This blog will mainly be used, for the odd e-inspired rant, news, in depth articles, advice, and experience of the before mentioned areas of “”.

Thank you for listening, we hope to hear from anyone who finds the site useful.

Spread the word!

Oliver Pennyweather